About Excel Engineering Ltd

Excel Engineering Ltd. was founded approximately 10 years ago. It was prompted by the frustration of bad quality engineering practices found elsewhere. Sub-standard workmanship and a desire only for a quick turn-around and payment seemed to be the norm. Since establishment we have tried to create a service beyond anything else available. Our desire for quality and personal service continues today with many loyal clients not willing to use anyone else.

Excel Engineering Ltd is a community orientated business supporting other businesses of similar background and standards. The company has participated in projects all over New Zealand with clients such as Ravensdown (100% owned by NZ Farmers) and Solid Energy projects including Stockton Mine, West Coast, where we fabricated stainless steel tanks and pumping equipment in our workshops then delivered and installed this equipment on-site. We also work closely with smaller businesses such as local builders, who in today’s thriving property market, require quality workmanship delivered on time. Excel also acts as an after-hour Support Team for local trucking companies, making downtime minimal but maintaining a high standard of workmanship.

Excel’s current projects include new sight-screens for Mainpower Oval in Rangiora. This work was subsidized by Excel due to the benefit to the local community.
Other projects in the local area include:
Pat Scotter’s Hanger at Rangiora Airport
Rangiora Hire, Southbrook
Millbrook Kitchens, Southbrook
Waimakiriri Council Offices Building, Main St, Rangiora
Whiterock Lime Company, North Loburn